Sept. 1st. It begins.

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I am a free spirit, and no paycheck will ever make my heart sing like being in the hills or laying in the fields.


the forest and the mountains for me.

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im so glowy 

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Granada Holmes : The Dancing Men (1984)

"John Watson, you keep me right" - The Sign of Three (BBC Sherlock)

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Наследник Цесаревич Алексей Николаевич с котятами на яхте “Штандарт” (1907 -1908).

The Heir Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich with kittens on board the yacht “Standart” (1907-1908).

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Freeing the slave was nice, but wouldn’t be that huge of a thing.

Smashing the cups, though? I’m just imagining that Augustus was just walking along one day and saw the slave-owner trying to kill his slave, so he just goes over, tells the slave ‘yo, you’re free’, and then, never breaking his gaze from the slaveowner, casually sweeps all the other cups off the shelf too.

It’s just such a wonderful little ‘fuck you’.

iirc, they were rock crystal, so smashing the whole set was like setting the guy’s money on fire in front of him.

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» how to get a boyfriend


put peanut butter on a pinecone and roll it in bird seed. hang it up outside. wait.

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All I’ve had to eat today is watermelon.  But like, 1/2 of an entire one.

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My kind of comedy

Funny story about Bill Nye: so a friend of mine back in Ottawa was at the Science and Tech Museum, and she didn’t know it, but apparently Bill Nye was guest appearing there that day. So she is waiting for the elevator and this guy walks up beside her to wait for it, too. She turns and looks at him and immediately recognizes him. Completely forgetting that she’s a grown adult, she points at him and exclaims, “BILL NYE!” He glances at her and gives her this really fucking weird look, and she thinks, Oh fuck, I completely just embarrassed myself in front of Bill Nye and now he probably thinks I’m some creepy stalker or something. So the elevator doors open and he walks in, and she’s just too stunned and mortified to get in behind him; she just stands there, staring. He’s in the elevator, alone, with his back to her.

Just as the doors are closing, he whips around, points at her, and shouts, “SCIENCE!” and then the doors close. 

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